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vegan food in LondonWhich are the Best Vegan Restaurants in London?

If you're a vegan (pronounced vee-gan) you'll know that London has a lot more vegan restaurants offering great food than it did a decade ago, but it could do with an even wider range. And more of the big supermarkets have vegan sections with things like vegan meat-substitutes, and vegan condiments. Several years ago I was the personal trainer to a client in Holland Park, west London, who had thyroid issues. She believes her switch to a vegan diet helped resolve her underactive thyroid condition.

Do you have a favourite vegan restaurant (or cafe) in London? Let me know and  I'll add it to this growing list below. A big thanks to my personal training clients for their suggetions so far. Keep them coming.


12-14 Heddon Street, London W1B 4DA

Vegan and vegetarian friendly salads

Tel: 020 7758 4110

Tiny Leaf
209 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1EA
Tel: 020 7243 9818
Organic zero waste veggi restaurant 
Menu includes: Root Tartare, a wide range of salads, Tartine de Jour, soups

The Oracle's Organic Juice Bar & Live Food

mobile - 07584 240909
Brixton Village Market, Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8PS
Couscous salsa: couscous, nuts, raisins, raw carrot, sprouted seeds, freshly-made hummus
Sandwiches and salads with quinoa, avocado, spinach
Power juices and liquid food juices with wheatgrass, sesame seeds, alkaline water, spirulina, beetroot, apple, ginger

Vanilla Black (a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options)
Tel- 020 7242 2622
17-18 Tooks Court, London EC4A 1LB
Reputed to be one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in London
Sample dishes (subject to change): apple & celeriac soup, seared seaweed & cabbage with pickled potatoes, green pepper creme brulee

The Gate Islington
370 St John Street, London EC1V 4NN
Menu includes glazed aubergine, lentil pate terrine, mustard seed potato cake


Tel - 020 7722 8028
4 Erskine Road, Primrose Hill, London NW3 3AJ
Vegan dishes are all gluten free and include (subject to change): cannellini bean burger, vegan bangers & mash, vegetable tempura, raw beetroot ravioli, living pad thai salad, dairy-free home-made cakes

Itadaki Zen
Tel - 020 7278 3573
139 Kings Cross Road, London WC1X 9BJ
Japanese vegan restaurant
Sample dishes (subject to change): sushi, harumaki, kakiage tempura, vegetables, noodles

222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant
Tel - 020 7381 2322
222 North End Road, West Kensington, London W14 9NU
Sample dishes (subject to change): artichoke hearts with herbs & roasted pepper sauce, pitta dips (hummus, avocado etc), vegan roast, seitan stroganoff

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Optimum nutrition for vegans (pronounced veegan)

If you're a vegan, you're in danger of cutting out of your diet some food groups which are rich in nutrients, so it's vital you eat as healthily as possible. Here are some superfoods to include in your vegan diet:

Quinoa: one of the few non-animal sources of complete protein, and a good source of complex carbs too. Quinoa is a really useful staple food for vegans.

Avocados: rich in a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and essential fats. Definitely a superfood.

Calcium-rich foods: the best sources of calcium are dairy, but vegans do not eat dairy, so you need to find other sources. Here are the best sources of calcium for vegans: calcium fortified soya and tofu, tahini, sesame seeds, wholemeal bread, raisins (which are also a good source of iron for vegans).

Iron-rich foods: the best source of iron is red meat, which is obviously a no-no for vegans. The best vegan sources of iron are wholemeal bread, broccoli, nuts, raisins, dates, and dried apricots. However, you need to eat a lot of these to get the equivalent iron you get from red meat. And vegan-sources of iron are less readily absorbed by the body than iron in red meat.

Vitamin B12 rich foods. Again, red meat is the best source by far, so you need to eat a lot of the following non-meat sources to compensate: yeast extract spreads (eg Marmite), soya drinks fortified with vitamin B12.

Omega 3 essential oil: The best sources are oily fish such as salmon, but all fish is excluded from the vegan diet. To compensate, eat plenty of walnut oil and flaxseed oil, both rich in omega 3. Goes well in a dressing for vegan salads.


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