How healthy is your lifestyle?

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Ask yourself these questions:

Are you fitter than you were last summer? When did you last cook real food from scratch rather than eating a takeaway/ready-meal? How are your energy levels? How well are you sleeping? Do you wake refreshed or drained? When did you last go for a run or a swim? What about your general sense of well-being and passion for life?

If you want some guidance towards a more healthy lifestyle, give me a ring and we'll arrange some personal training sessions to get you back on track and set you up for the rest of the year.

Whether you're trying to reduce your alcohol intake, stop smoking, or escape the trap of working excessive hours, Fitness4London will arm you with strategies to change your lifestyle for the better.

Sleep better and wake refreshed

Good quality sleep is so important to your physical and mental health. If you don't sleep well, make it a priority to sort this out. And most of these people who don't sleep well, have only tried a small number of the solutions to achieving better sleep. Check out the strategies in the section on how to sleep better. If you don't sleep well, your physical and mental health will suffer, so it's worth making it a priority to improve your sleep.

Reduce your stress levels and enjoy more energy

You know how stressful living in London can be. Overcrowded, noisy, dirty, gruesome public transport, high-pressure jobs, money problems, never enough time to do the things you want to do. Click the link for a set of action plans to reduce stress, practical steps you can start putting into action today.

Read this extract from an email I received from a visitor to

"Please could you put together a directory of health spas in London? I'm constantly stressed out by work and it would be great to have a guide to London's spa's so I can get away from it all for a couple of hours a week and get pampered..."

No sooner said than done! Click on the massage page, in the Health Therapists section. You see, I really do read all suggestions I get about new content for, and often I put them into action. Unless they're completely bonkers. And sometimes even then. If there's something you want to see on this site, but can't find it, let me know. Contact me here.

Get more active

Incorporate sports and fitness into your social life, and you're onto a winner. Some of my best nights out have been on the tennis court, in the dark with floodlights, enjoying an exhilerating competitive tennis match against a friend. To find new friends to share your favourite sport or fitness activity (or even try a new one) join Fitness Buddy, Fitness4London's social network. Free to join, and free to search for a fitness buddy in your part of London. And free to message fellow members. Fitness Buddy is totally free and always will be.

We have countless great fitness and sports venues in and around London. Why not try something new, like swimming (the sensation of moving through the water is a great way to relieve stress), cycling ( low impact on the joints, a healthy altenative to the car, and a great way to explore the countryside outside London), rowing (make use of the Thames!), or even climbing (London has a surprising variety of indoor climbing centres, including one for ice climbing in Covent Garden). All these activities you can enjoy with your friends, and make new friends along the way.

Reduce your alcohol consumption

Peer pressure is the biggest problem here. In Britain, alcohol is part of every social occasion. That's why sports & fitness make a great alternative social setting. Excessive alcohol consumption will sabotage your health and fitness goals in so many ways.

Alcohol is toxic to every cell in your body, and the body will try to expel alcohol as a top priority. This means fat burning is put on hold to burn the alcohol first. And you'll deplete your body's vitamins and minerals, which are used to break down alcohol and repair the damage it does to your body. Alcohol depletes the body's vitamin B group in particular. This is bad news for many reasons. One is that the vitamin folic acid, which helps combat heart disease, needs vitamin B12 to help absorb it, but if you drink too much you won't be able to absorb the folic acid you need.

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