Judo Clubs & Judo Instructors in London

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Judo News: Rio 2016 Olympics

Sally Conway, the Bristol-born 29 year old did Team GB proud with a bronze medal after beating Bernadette Graf of Austria.

Judo means "Gentle Way", which captures the essence of this martial art: the art of controlled aggression. A relatively modern martial art, it was founded in Japan in the nineteenth century. Judo has evolved from the ancient martial art of Jujitsu.

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The Budokwai Tel - 020 7370 1000
4 Gilsdon Road, London SW10 9SL   
Some of London's best judo instructors:
Peter Blewett (Chief Instructor, 7th Dan)
Jacqui Lloyd (3rd Dan)
Ray Stevens (6th Dan)
Danny Murphy (5th Dan)
Glenn Spiers (4tth Dan)

Alexandra Park Judo Club
30 year old club, based in the gym of Alexandra Park School
Rhodes Avenue, Muswell Hill N22
Judo instructors: Racky Sheikh, Stuart Wilkinson
Grading, competition instruction, fitness

Willesden Judo Club
Willesden Sports Centre, Donnington Road  NW10 3SQ

Ealing Judo Club
ealingjudoclub (at) hotmail.com
An England Squad Performance club
Produces athletes at national and international level
West Acton Community Centre, Churchill Gardens, West Acton, London W3

Barnet Judo Club Tel - 020 8441 5579
Lyonsdowne Hall, Lyonsdown Road, Barnet EN5 1JB

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Optimum fitness training regime for judo

You need to work on several aspects of your fitness.

You need cardiovascular fitness for strong heart & lungs, and also for muscular endurance of legs (running is a great endurance-builder) and whole body (rowing machine interval training is hard to beat for full body endurance. Just see the Oxford/Cambridge boat race if you have any doubts about the intensity of rowing!).

Muscular strength will give you the edge against a weaker opponent, although judo does not demand maximal muscular strength, so resistance exercises with moderate weight dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells will give you the strength necessary for optimal judo performance. No need for huge muscles (in fact they can impede your agility), so keep the weight moderate and the repetitions in the 12-15 rep max range. Strong legs and glutes will give you the edge in Seoi nage (shoulder throw), as you need to begin that throw with bent knees.

Core strength is key - lower back and abs and glutes - as a strong core is a vital foundation of strength and stability in all aspects of judo. If your core is weak, you risk lower back injury and chronic lower back pain.

One aspect of strength is explosive strength - the ability to make a sudden move with power and control. Plyometric exercises will help boost explosive strength (such as burpees, side hops, leaping high in the air, and medicine ball slams).

Another (often neglected) aspect of judo fitness is proprioception (balance, co-ordination, agility, and general awareness of body position in time and space), and this can be enhanced with a range of balancing exercises with swissball, wobble board, and BOSU ball. Another exercise is to stand on one leg, with your eyes closed, and time how long you can maintain your balance.

And of course flexibility is crucial. If you're not flexible in all muscles, you will easily get injured in judo. Pay particular attention to flexibility of hamstrings and calves, as these are often the most stubborn muscles to stretch. Beware becoming too flexible, as you need to maintain stability at each joint, and if you're too flexible you will risk damaging your joints during explosive moves.

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