Bodybuilding Gyms and Bodybuilding Personal Trainers in London

Are you a London personal trainer who specialises in bodybuilding and helping clients build serious muscle? Advertise your services in this fast-growing directory of  bodybuilding personal trainers in London for just £40.00 a year. For this one-off price you get a guaranteed position in top 3 for paid listings for the full year, 70 words maximum to sell yourself, plus a link to your website. At no extra charge you can amend your listing during the 12 months of your advert (free listings in the relevant postcode section lower down this page give you 30 words maximum, but no link to your website).

Advertise your bodybuilding gym here for just £40.00 a year. Guaranteed position in top 3 for paid listings, with a link to your website to boost your client base.( If you want a free listing lower down the page it's 30 words maximum, but no link to your website.)

Are you a competitive bodybuilder turned personal trainer in London? Get in touch and feature on's interviews page.

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in Central London (WC1 etc)

Which is the best bodybuilding gym in central London? If you run a bodybuilding gym in WC1, grab your free listing right here on this page.

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in the City (London EC1 etc)

Stone Physique Mobile - 07761 350389
Sam Stone  is a personal trainer in London, specialist in bodybuilding, muscle growth nutrition, and corporate wellness
Ring for training venues (includes Fitness First Liverpool Street)

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in West London (W1, W8 etc)

Bodybuilding gyms in Holland Park, Notting Hill, Acton, and Shepherd's Bush needed for this directory.

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in East London (E1 etc)

Reebok Sports Club Tel - 020 7970 0900
16-19 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5ER

Titanium Gym Tel - 020 8504 7879
Unit 10 Raven Road Industrial Estate, South Woodford, Redbridge, London E18 1HB
Men's bodybuilding gym in London.
10 minutes walk from South Woodford Tube (central line)

Muscleworks Gym 2 Hague Street  Bethnal Green, London E2 6HN
Tel - 020 7256 0916
Hard core bodybuilding gym, Hammer Strength equipment, dumbbells up to 220lbs, personal trainers experienced in training clients for serious muscle growth

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in Essex (Redbridge, Chigwell, etc)

If you're a member of a bodybuilding gym in Essex borders, let me know and I'll add the details here. If you're a personal trainer in east London/Essex borders who specialises in bodybuilding, get in touch to feature on the interviews page.

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in North London (N1, N6 etc)

Oxygen Fitness Universe - Personal Training Studio tel - 020 7700 2046
Unit 37, 10 Hornsey Street, off Holloway Road, London N7 8EL
Personal trainer: Gilbert Alaskandi (mobile - 07766 371 994)
Muscle growth, slimming down, toning up

Plamen Handarov - Personal Trainer mobile - 07859 009153
Pumping Iron Gym, 31 Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1LD
Personal trainer for bodybuilding and muscle growth

Muscle Limit Gym Tel - 020 8364 7488 
Lockfield Avenue, Brimsdown, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 7PY
Personal trainer for bodybuilding: Peter Chown

Genesis Gym tel - 020 8566 8687
333 Athlon Road, Wembley, London HA0 1EF
Personal trainers (male and female), osteopathy, kinesiology

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in North West London (NW1, NW3 etc)

Maximum Fitness 144 Fortess Road, Tufnell Park NW5 2HP   Tel - 020 7482 3941
Wide range of free weights, pullup bars, barbell rack for squats, personal trainers.
(nearest tube: Tufnell Park on northern line)

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in South West London (SW1, SW3, SW7 etc)

Bodybuilding gyms in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and Kensington needed for this directory.

Yorky's Fitness & Bodybuilding Centre tel - 020 7228 6266
24-28 York Road, London SW11 3QA
Personal trainers for weight gain and muscle growth, also weight loss.
Massage, nutrition advice.

Bodybuilding Gyms and Personal Trainers in South East London (SE1 etc)

Paris Gym Tel - 020 7735 8989
73 Goding Street, London SE11 5AW
Male only gym (gay friendly) with extensive facilities for bodybuilding
8,000 square feet of gym space, 74 weight training machines, olympic bars, dumbbells up to 60kgs,
personal trainers for bodybuilding and general fitness

more bodybuilding gyms needed for South East London (Greenwich, Catford etc)

If you want to build your chest , back , shoulders , biceps , triceps , abs , quads - click on the links. If you want personal training, from a personal trainer who will visit your home anywhere in London within zones 1-4, click the link. And for home gym equipment, click the link.

Can Anyone be a Bodybuilder?

Is it possible for anyone to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger if they train hard enough? The honest answer is no! But anyone can improve their physique with weight training.

To become a true bodybuilder, in the sense of achieving a physique that you see at bodybuilding contests, you need a genetic head-start, in other words the natural propensity to build big muscles. One component of this is a high proportion of type 2 (fast twitch) muscle fibres. But good genetics aren't enough on their own. You also need incredible dedication of time and effort over many years, close attention to nutrition, well-planned workouts, plenty of sleep, and the ability to push yourself beyond what most people would ever contemplate.

For most people, a lean and muscular physique, rather than a muscle-bound bodybuilder physique, is their ideal goal. A body like Brad Pitt in the film Thelma and Louise, or more muscular like in the filmTroy. Celebrity personal trainer Greg Joujon-Roche trained Brad Pitt for the film Troy, and got his body into even better shape than in Fight Club. Pre-production training was a gruelling 6 months, 6 days a week, 2-3 hours a day, focusing on one muscle group each day to achieve maximum soreness.

Money was no object for Brad Pitt in his bid for the perfect body. Los Angeles based personal trainer Greg Joujon-Roche (founder of Holistic Fitness) put together a team of experts who each focused on a particular aspect of fitness: muscle growth, stretching, cardiovascular fitness, martial arts, yoga, sports massage, optimum nutrition, sleep & relaxation, and so on.

Or you might aspire to a body like Daniel Craig in the James Bond film A Quantum of Solace, you probably remember the scene when he emerges from the sea. Do you need the right genetics to build muscle like this? No, you can overcome bad genetics to achieve this kind of physique, and it helps if you have a celebrity personal trainer like ex-Royal Marine Simon Waterson, who trained Daniel Craig in the run-up to filming.

Although some people build muscular physiques more easily than others, but to achieve a more natural lean physique is possible even if you're not genetically gifted. It just requires a lot of hard work (and you need to work smart, not just hard, ie- don't overtrain, make sure you train effectively, get plenty of good nutrition at the right times and in the right amounts and balance between the different nutrients, and get plenty of sleep & rest to allow the body to recover from the rigours of training.)

It should go without saying that the one thing you must avoid like the plague is anabolic steroids. You can achieve a fantastic physique without steroids, and it's not worth wrecking your health (and ultimately ruining your body) with these drugs. Anabolic steriods have a lot of nasty side-effects (mood swings, heart problems, acne, sterility), so steer well clear of these drugs.

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