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Personal Trainer in London Helps Clients to Quit Smoking

Some of my greatest achievements as a personal trainer in London have been helping clients to quit smoking. As the biggest single avoidable cause of death and disease in the world, smoking is a killer and a wrecker of your … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jimmy Connors, The Outsider, My Autobiography

When I’m not personal training my London clients, I’m either in the gym working out myself, or on the tennis court. I’ve loved tennis practically all my life, and if you’re as keen on tennis as me, I urge you … Continue reading

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Can Personal Training Help Resolve Back Problems?

If you suffer from back pain, it would be a wise investment to hire a personal trainer. Back problems can be financially damaging (endless weeks off work won’t help your career) as well as physically painful. So its worth spending … Continue reading

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My Favourite Back Exercises of all Time

My London personal training clients already know I’m a big fan of the one-arm dumbbell row (more of that below), as I include it in a lot of their sessions. Here’s some more great exercises for the back: Pullups In … Continue reading

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London personal trainer explains how to bulk up

So you want to bulk up and build a muscular physique? As a personal trainer in London with over 12 years’ experience, I’ve advised many clients how to build themselves up. There are three components to bulking up: good nutrition, … Continue reading

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