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I'm Dominic, a personal trainer and nutrition coach in London with over 13 years' experience helping clients in London to reach their health & fitness goals. Whether you want to lose that pot belly, or develop a well-muscled physique, improve your cardio fitness, boost your flexibility, gain more energy, or a combination of all the above, I can help you achieve all these worthwhile goals.

With the guidance of a personal trainer you can reach your goals faster than if you go it alone. I offer a taster session for just £30.00, which gives you an idea of what a personal training session with me involves.  If you don't want to commit to 10 prepaid sessions after the taster session, I provide pay-as-you-go sessions too (£60.00 per hour). You'll soon be hooked when you see the results, and recommend me to your friends.

Personal Training Sessions in London

Where do I train my clients? Anywhere within tube zones 1-3 (and zone 4 in east London), in their own homes and in the client's local park (as long as it's not one of the Royal Parks, which are now imposing a licence fee on personal trainers who train their clients in these parks). If you live in an apartment block, maybe you have a communal gym in the block that we could use. I've trained clients in some fabulous apartment gyms in Canary Wharf, and other parts of London too. I have several new personal training clients in Chelsea SW3, so I'm in that area several times a week as well, particularly between 10am - 4pm weekdays.

If you need a personal trainer in London to give you that extra motivation and expert guidance, just click on the link to see how I can help you lose weight (or if you're skinny, I can help you gain weight, bulk up and build muscle), boost your cardio fitness, your flexibility, improve your physical performance in your favourite sport, or whatever your fitness goals may be.

You might have had sessions with another personal trainer at some point in the past but not achieved the results you hoped for. Sadly, many people give up on their fitness goals after one bad experience. Don't be one of these people who gives up on themselves! Don't let a dead-end become your final destination. Remember, hiring a personal trainer in London is not cheap, so be sure to make the most of your sessions and put in 100% focus and effort into the hour.

Personal training with me starts when you complete my initial consultation questionnaire. Even the act of filling it in will help you analyse what happened during your last personal training experience, so you can learn from it, and approach your sessions differently this time. It could be that your last personal trainer didn't push you hard enough, gave you the wrong exercises, or perhaps you didn't follow their advice as diligently as you could have. Another major cause of poor results is poor nutrition, something I'll focus on and help you with throughout our time together. Switching to healthy eating is not an overnight fix, it's a continual process of improvement which I'll guide you through.

If you want a personal trainer in Highbury Fields, London N5, I train clients in this part of London too. Highbury Fields is Islington's finest park, and very popular for running as one circuit is one km,  so it's a great way to monitor your distances. Or perhaps you need a personal trainer in Highgate N6, Hampstead NW3, Westminster SW1, Mayfair W1, and other areas within tube zones 1-3 ? I cover all these areas on weekdays, and also saturday and sunday mornings. The final personal training session on weekends is 12-1pm. I take the weekend afternoons off!

Have a look at the testimonials from satisfied former clients: click through to my Personal Training page for these success stories.

Want to know what a personal trainer eats? See Personal Trainer Diet page. You'll see no doughnuts, chocolate spread, crisps, Coca-Cola, white bread, or takeaways!

Around a decade ago, I started the Fitness4London.com website to reach a much wider audience of Londoners, so I can share my knowledge and experience with far more people than I could ever train face-to-face. There is a wealth of information on this site, which you can put into action today, if you are motivated enough to achieve your goals. Where there's a will there's a way!

I'm proud to be a personal trainer, it's a great vocation. I provide a valuable service to my clients, one which can be life-changing (and in the case of morbidly obese clients, potentially life saving). It feels great to help someone rid themselves of excess fat, gain confidence, sleep better, feel better about themselves, and be able to get more out of life. People will only come back to me if they perceive they are getting good value from our sessions, and I have clients who come back to me time and time again, and recommend me to their friends and family.

Online Nutrition Coaching for just £50.00

Are you looking for help with your diet, but can't afford face to face personal training? I offer a 2 weeks online nutrition coaching for a one-off payment of £50.00. This is proving very popular, and most of my online clients come to me by word of mouth. You can email and text me as much as you like during these two weeks, so make the most of it! The only thing I don't include in this online coaching is speaking on the phone, as I tried this in the past, and couldn't get people off the phone, they chatted for hours and the phone kept ringing constantly! You'll get great value for your £25. Get in touch now: Message a request for online nutrition coaching with  your email address and I'll email you the Health, Nutrition, Exercise & Goals Questionnaire to get you started.

You don't have to pay hundreds of pounds to get really top quality nutrition coaching. My two weeks system gives you great value for money, and you'll come away armed with a lot of knowledge you can put into action straight away. I'll help you ditch the bad habits, explode the myths about weight-loss which have been holding you back, and give you a real taste for healthy food.

I'm also keen to push for improvements in all aspects of health & fitness in London. So much more needs to be done by central government, local government, the NHS, big business (particularly supermarkets), and health/fitness professionals generally to give Londoners the opportunity to lead a healthy and fruitful life. See my Campaigns page for my thoughts on the alcohol industry, the junk food industry, and other hot topics.

Message me your comments (I'm on Twitter) and suggestions on how to keep this site growing. For example, if you're a member of a great tennis club in London and it's not included in the listings on my tennis page, let me know. The same goes for London squash clubs, badminton clubs, swimming pools in London, or any sport  or fitness activity you're keen on. You'll find the contact form on the Contact Me page. And click the Facebook link below to become a Facebook fan, and receive regular updates through facebook.

The more feedback you give me about this site, the bigger Fitness4London will grow, for the benefit of everyone.


Enjoy the site, and remember - you can achieve your goals if your desire is strong enough. The old saying "where there's a will there's a way" is so true.

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